Yes, we offer epoxy flooring in Houston TX. Epoxy flooring is also known as polymer flooring or resinous flooring. It’s a compound made of resin and a hardener. Epoxy can be installed over concrete, VCT, tile, wood, or any other common commercial and industrial floors. The chemical reaction of the resin and hardener is what creates a bond to the existing floor, and forms a hard and durable plastic. Want to learn more about epoxy flooring, and the different types we offer? Pls, visit our https://katyepoxyflooring.com/ or give us a call (713) 565-3687.
We provide residential epoxy flooring in Houston TX. Epoxy flooring for homes has become quite popular because of its durability and aesthetics. You can use epoxy flooring in your house in several settings. It can be used in the bathroom, living room, kitchen, garage, patio, pool deck, and many other areas. Where do you want your residential epoxy flooring installed? Feel free to let us know by visiting our https://katyepoxyflooring.com/

Yes, we install living room epoxy floors in Houston TX. The Living room is one of the high-traffic areas in the home. Installing epoxy in your living room helps to protect your floor while providing a beautiful look. Living room epoxy floor gives your guest a lasting first impression.

Ready to install your living room epoxy floor? Schedule a free consultation at (713) 565-3687 with an epoxy flooring expert today.

Yes, we offer garage epoxy floor in Houston TX. After years of use, garage floors can get quite nasty with cracks, stains, and faded colors. Epoxy flooring is the best option for garages. Besides its attractiveness, the thick and hardened application that you get from epoxy creates a coating that is very durable and resistant to impacts, surface abrasion, chipping, stains, and chemicals. You don’t have to panic about damaging the floor if a bicycle falls over, or if you drop a wrench.

Get the best garage epoxy floors installed. Visit our https://katyepoxyflooring.com/ or give us a call (713) 565-3687 to get started.

Yes, we can provide you with bedroom epoxy floor in Houston TX. Wood flooring seems so outdated, and carpeting is too much work to maintain. Give your bedroom a unique style by opting in for a bedroom epoxy floor. Standard epoxy or metallic epoxy floors are great options for the bedroom. Ready to create your unique bedroom epoxy floor? We’re here to help. Give us a call at (713) 565-3687.
Yes, we also provide pool deck epoxy in Houston TX. Pools are great places for family and friends to hang out. However, your pool deck can truly make or break your outdoor getaway. With traditional flooring, pool deck upkeep and maintenance can be challenging. Talk about the grout and dirt! Epoxy pool decks create a seamless surface that is easy to clean and maintain and doesn’t harbor dirt or bacteria. The anti-slip coating added helps to prevent falls and accidents. Prevent accidents and buildup of bacteria with the best pool deck epoxy. Visit our https://katyepoxyflooring.com/ to see how you can get started.
Yes, we offer patio epoxy flooring in Houston TX. Epoxy flooring isn’t just limited to garages. Patios can benefit from epoxy too. As an outdoor area that is constantly open to harsh weather conditions, installing epoxy on your patio floors makes it durable and strong. Whether the concrete is old or new, epoxy can give your floors a new shine. It’s time to revamp your patio with patio epoxy flooring. Ready to get started? Give us a call at (713) 565-3687.
Yes, we install bathroom epoxy floors in Houston TX. Bathroom Epoxy Floor is a must-have if you’re tired of grout, dirt, and endless bathroom cleaning. The bathroom epoxy floor is easy to clean, as it is resistant to dirt, chemicals and doesn’t absorb water. The seamless nature of the floor prevents the buildup of dirt and bacteria. Plus with an anti-slip coating added, slips and accidents are prevented. Still unsure of the best bathroom epoxy floor to install? Schedule a free consultation with our expert to get started. Call us at (713) 565-3687.
Yes, we install affordable kitchen epoxy floors in Houston TX. Kitchens require the highest sanitation and safety, and epoxy flooring provides just that. Its seamless surface prevents dirt and germs from building up. Since it’s heat-resistant, fire-resistant, chemical resistant, and slip-resistant, this makes it the perfect flooring type for your kitchen. Interested in installing kitchen epoxy floor? Place a call at (713) 565-3687 or visit our website to get started.
We offer Hotels epoxy floor in Houston TX. What differentiates 5-stars hotels from the others? One thing is the type of flooring used. Flooring that is reflective, glossy, and beautiful is a plus, as it leaves a good impression on your guests. Apart from the aesthetics, a floor that is easy to clean, not prone to cracks or constant repairs is very crucial. With hotel epoxy floor, you have a floor that matches functionality with design, leaving your hotel with that 5-star feel and look. Let your hotel floor be its best with hotel epoxy flooring. Contact us right now at (713) 565-3687 to see how we can transform your floor.
We install showroom epoxy floors in Houston TX. Car dealerships, art galleries, and other types of showrooms can benefit from epoxy flooring. The attractive nature of epoxy floors is designed to give clients a good experience from the start. Let your floors contribute to giving your customers the buying fever. If you run a car dealership or any other showroom, it’s time to get showroom epoxy floors installed. Visit our https://katyepoxyflooring.com/ today, or give us a call now (713) 565-3687
Yes, we provide Industrial epoxy flooring in Houston TX. In an industrial facility, the floor has to withstand heavy foot and machine traffic, as well as harsh temperatures. With Industrial epoxy flooring, you can transform your facility into an effective and functional machine, minimizing time spent on routine repair and cleaning. Call us today (713) 565-3687 for your industrial epoxy flooring needs.
Yes, we install warehouse epoxy floor in Houston TX. For warehouse epoxy flooring, epoxy is applied over concrete floors to create a seamless and durable surface that is resistant to heavy traffic and easy to clean, making it ideal for the strenuous setting of a busy warehouse. Look no further to install your warehouse epoxy floor. We got you covered. Call us at (713) 565-3687 to speak with an industrial epoxy flooring expert today.
Yes, it’s possible. We install epoxy flooring for pharmaceuticals in Houston TX. For pharmaceuticals, great care should be taken to ensure the entire facility is clean and free from the risk of contamination. Using the perfect floor that has such benefits is one way to do this. Epoxy flooring provides all of that. You can match aesthetics and functionality in your facility with epoxy floors. Ready to get epoxy flooring for your pharmaceutical? Visit our https://katyepoxyflooring.com/ or give us a call (713) 565-3687.
We provide epoxy flooring for food processing in Houston TX. Flooring for food processing facilities must withstand some of the most difficult conditions; heavy foot and machine traffic, chemical spills, and heat to mention a few. conventional flooring options including bare cement floor will not suffice. This makes epoxy flooring ideal for food processing. Its seamless and durable surface can withstand whatever condition it comes under. Epoxy flooring for food processing facilities just got easier. Ready to get yours installed? Visit our https://katyepoxyflooring.com/ to get started today.
We offer Commercial epoxy flooring in Houston TX. Epoxy flooring for commercial environments protects your floors, offers a moisture barrier, and provides an attractive finish. With epoxy floors, you can bring beauty and functionality to your commercial setting. Epoxy flooring can be used in just about any commercial environment. If you need commercial epoxy flooring, call us right away (713) 565-3687 or visit us today at {address}.
We install affordable retail stores epoxy flooring in Houston TX. The floor in retail stores contributes to the overall impression that customers have when they enter the business. Flooring systems that are beautiful, easy-to-clean, skid-resistant and durable, are the stuff that every shopping mall or retail store needs. Epoxy flooring for retail stores is designed to provide all of that and more. Tired of your old floor? Get retail stores epoxy flooring instead. Schedule a call with an epoxy flooring expert at (713) 565-3687 to see how we can help.
We provide epoxy flooring for banks in Houston TX. All banks can benefit from epoxy flooring. Not only is the floor attractive, the floors dont retain dirt. Therefore, your floor shine is guaranteed to last a long time. Plus when you consider the heavy daily foot traffic from customers, epoxy flooring for banks becomes the ideal flooring solution. If you need epoxy flooring for your bank, look no further. Visit us at {address} or check out our https://katyepoxyflooring.com/ on how you can get started.
We install affordable epoxy floors for commercial kitchens and restaurants in Houston TX. With epoxy floors in your commercial kitchen or restaurant, you have a floor that is resistant to food stains and chemicals from cleaning products, resistant to heat, doesn’t absorb water, is non-slippery, and above all, easy to clean. In addition, epoxy floors prevent countertop scratches, grout, and grime. You not only have a kitchen that is beautiful, but hygienic. Wondering if epoxy floors for commercial kitchens or restaurants are right for you? Speak with one of our experts today at (713) 565-3687 or visit us at {address}. We are excited to help.
We install epoxy flooring for Hospitals in Houston TX. There’s no other surface in a hospital or medical clinic that endures as much abuse as the floor. From foot traffic to equipment such as gurneys and hospital stretchers, the floor take on quite a lot. To withstand all these, and still maintain strength and durability, epoxy floors are the best. Since epoxy floors can are resistant to chemicals, heat, and slips, you’re certain that the beauty and shine of your floor will not fade. Get started with epoxy flooring for hospitals today. Reach out to an expert at (713) 565-3687 or visit our website to get your floor installed.
We provide affordable metallic epoxy floors in Houston TX. Metallic epoxy floors are made from combining liquid epoxy with metallic chips or pigments. This gives you a high-glossy, mirror-like look that is attractive and eye-catchy. They are ideal for both residential and commercial settings. Interested in installing metallic epoxy floors? Visit us at {address} or call us at (713) 565-3687 to find out the best metallic floor type for you.