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Epoxy Flooring in Houston



At Katy Epoxy Flooring, we live by 3 words. Quality. Durability. Guaranteed. These words were birthed when we sat down to ask ourselves what we really wanted to give back to Houston. Quality: All our products are made of high quality and are sourced from only the best and reputable vendors in the country. Durability: Our epoxy floors are built to last. We are committed to this by hiring and training our technicians to the very best. Guaranteed. We don’t just throw this word around carelessly. When we say we guarantee our services, we mean it. We’re in business to satisfy our customers. Our commitment to these values over the years has made us the go-to epoxy flooring company in Houston and Beyond. Every day, we continue to reaffirm our commitment to these values by working tirelessly to give you the best epoxy flooring solutions.

What Epoxy Flooring
Service Do You need?

We are a full-fledged epoxy flooring company, providing several epoxy flooring solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial environments. Residential Epoxy Flooring: Epoxy flooring for indoor and outdoor areas including living room, kitchen, bathroom, patio, basement, garage, bedroom, and many more. Commercial Epoxy Flooring: Epoxy flooring for retail stores, office buildings, banks, schools, showrooms, beauty salons, and others. Industrial Epoxy Flooring: Epoxy floors for warehouses, factories, food production facilities, machine shops, and pharmaceuticals. We install different types of epoxy floors across these areas. They include:
Self-leveling Epoxy
Epoxy flake floors
Metallic Epoxy Floors
Quartz-filled Epoxy Floors
Epoxy Mortar Floors
Anti-static Epoxy Floors

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a premium service, not just by pricing, but by quality and durability. Plus compared to other flooring options, it’s more cost-effective in the long run. At Katy Epoxy Flooring we don’t just set a base price per square ft like most of the other companies do. We work based on your budget to give you the best floor to suit your needs. With us, rest assured you’re getting the best price out there in the industry.





Team Work Makes
The Dream Work

Our team spirit is one of our strongest motivations that allows us to keep our commitment to serving you better.

We are a team of 20 and still growing.

Why Chose US?

We take pride in our work, and we’re committed to delivering unique and high-quality epoxy floors.

We stand for Quality. Durability. Guaranteed

We provide you with excellent customer service from the start of your project and thereafter.

We guide you to choosing the right epoxy floor type that would be best for you through our expert recommendations.

Our epoxy technicians are highly trained with keen attention to detail

We can practically transform your spaces. Tell us what you want, and watch us create it.

We offer budget-friendly epoxy flooring solutions in Houston, TX.


Katy Epoxy Flooring Company Houston:
Your Choice Company For High-Quality Epoxy Floors

Level up your floors with epoxy flooring. Tell us what you want, and we customize it just the way your want it. Quartz, metallic, epoxy mortar? Residential, commercial, industrial? We got you! Schedule a free consultation with one of our epoxy flooring specialists, or use the contact form to get started today. We can’t wait to transform your floors!