Commercial Epoxy Flooring Houston

First Impressions are everything

Create the right impression,
and make it last with your floors.

Choosing the right flooring option that gives this lasting impression doesn’t have to be difficult. Let Epoxy Floors make the magic happen. If you’re tired of spending money on sealing up cracks or joints in your tiles, tired of trying to revive the shine of your floors, Or just looking to give your business space that opulent and affluent look and feel, then switch to Epoxy floors. Epoxy flooring is an excellent and affordable option for commercial environments with heavy foot traffic looking to match style and luxury with durability. Whether you run a retail shop, an office building, a barbershop, a school, a showroom, or a health facility, at Katy Epoxy Flooring, our epoxy floors are guaranteed to transform your spaces and give your customers that lasting impression.

Benefits of
Commercial Epoxy Flooring


With epoxy floors, you don’t have to worry about your floors succumbing to breakages and cracks, or the colors fading away. They are built to withstand whatever condition is thrown at them, and this includes heavy foot traffic.


Let your Epoxy floor communicate quality and luxury to your clients. The shiny and reflective appearance of epoxy floors makes your space brighter and visually appealing. Just what you need to begin a positive customer experience.


Epoxy floors are made to last. Period. Just like granite and marble, but more cost-effective, your epoxy floors are going to last for years and years to come. Epoxy floors don’t scratch, crack or break easily. This increases their lifespan and makes them cost-effective in the long run.

Water Proof, and Resistant to Heat and Harsh Chemicals

If your floors need to withstand high temperatures such as a commercial kitchen, epoxy floors are perfect for you. Epoxy floors are also resistant to harsh chemicals and don’t absorb water. If you run a laboratory, other health facilities, or commercial kitchen, where liquid spills are a concern, you don’t have to worry about epoxy floors. In the event of spills, just wipe and go. They don’t retain stains, and the colors don’t fade away easily.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Epoxy floors have low maintenance costs. For one, they repel dirt and bacteria, as they are seamless, and make it less easy for such germs to thrive. In addition, they don’t attract dust, which makes them a safe option for people with allergies. Regular simple cleaning is enough to always get your floor giving its best shine. Add a heavy-duty cleaning once every couple of months if you experience heavy traffic.

Skid Resistant and Non-slippery

You don’t have to be concerned about falls, slips, or car skids. Epoxy floors are resistant to all of that. The anti-slip coating applied during installation keeps your floor skid-resistant and non-slippery even when wet. This makes it safe for use in commercial kitchens, schools, and commercial garages.

Retail Stores


From grocery stores to boutiques, and shopping malls, Katy Epoxy Flooring has the right epoxy flooring type to suit your needs and budget perfectly. Retail store floors should be designed in such a way that is visually appealing, strong and durable, and easy to maintain. Epoxy floors offer just that. Let your epoxy floor withstand the heavy foot traffic, resist scratches and cracks, and get just the routine cleaning to keep giving off that shine.

Epoxy Flooring


With all the stress that comes with running a bank, the last thing you want to avoid is a floor that shows cracks, scratches, or gives off a dull shine. Give your bank what it needs – a strong and durable epoxy floor – that can withstand heavy day-to-day foot traffic, and is easy to clean. You can customize your epoxy floor from a variety of available colors and patterns. If you want, take it a step further by using epoxy for your countertops. Whatever epoxy solution your bank needs, Katy Epoxy Flooring got you covered.

Epoxy Floors For

Commercial Kitchens and Restaurants

Kitchens and restaurants must adhere to high standards of cleanliness. This means every area of your environment, beginning from your floors, must be clean and safe. Installing the right kind of floor makes this easier. With epoxy floors in your commercial kitchen or restaurant, you have a floor that is resistant to food stains and chemicals from cleaning products, resistant to heat, doesn’t absorb water, non-slippery, and above all, easy to clean.

What’s More?

Say Goodbye to countertop scratches and cracks. Say goodbye to wall stains. You can use epoxy for your countertops and backsplash. At Katy Epoxy Flooring, we know Running your Kitchen or restaurant is hard enough, choosing the right floor doesn’t have to be. Chose an easy to clean durable floor – choose epoxy flooring.

Health Facilities Epoxy Flooring

While a health facility has many flooring options, the best type is one that meets the strict health code requirements and at the same time is visually appealing to patients, and whoever walks through the door. Epoxy floors provide that visual appeal and offer a safe and healthy environment for health staff and patients. The seamless nature of the floors makes it difficult to harbor dirt, bacteria, and dust. This in addition makes the floors very easy to clean and requires very low maintenance to keep the shine. Epoxy floors are durable and can withstand foot traffic from patients and staff, and equipment traffic from rolling beds, trolleys, etc.

Epoxy Floors For Hotels

What differentiates a five-star hotel from an ordinary one? The environment. The kind of flooring used is a big contributor to creating the right environment. Before a guest talks to your receptionist, let your interior design including your floor do the talking. Communicate luxury, charm, and professionalism with your floors. From the lobby to the rooms, bathrooms, bar, conference room, and pool decks, you can design anywhere and everywhere with epoxy. Plus you never have to be burdened with cleaning and maintenance, as the floors are relatively easy to clean and don’t require repairs. Give your customers an unforgettable experience, begin with epoxy floors.

Showrooms Epoxy Floor

Showrooms are designed to evoke an emotional response from a customer as soon as they walk through the door. Whether it’s an automotive showroom, a home decor gallery, or a museum, every detail counts when it comes to impressing a customer. Nothing kills sales faster than a poor environment, and this includes stained floors, cracked floors, or even floors with a dull shine. Since showrooms get a lot of traffic including foot and car traffic, your floors should be designed to last and save your cost of maintenance upfront. Enter into epoxy floors, where beauty meets durability. Give your customers the buying fever, give your showroom epoxy floors.

Commercial Garage Epoxy Floors

Commercial garages put up with a lot. Cars and machine traffic, fuel and oil spilled, dropped metal parts, you name it. With this much going on, commercial garages need floors that aren’t going to break or crack easily. This reduces the cost of repairs and maintenance. Epoxy floors are designed to provide that degree of strength and durability. With an epoxy floor in your commercial garage, you are certain your floor isn’t going to crack, chip, or break easily. Since the floors don’t retain spills, you can easily wipe off fuel, grease, and other chemical spills on your floor.

Our 6-Step
Epoxy Flooring Process

At Katy Epoxy Flooring, our epoxy flooring process includes:


Prepare and clean the concrete surface. At Katy Epoxy Flooring, we believe the perfect floor begins with proper preparation. Preparing the floor ensures dust, dirt, adhesive, or whatever debris is removed from the surface. We use a dust-free diamond grinder to prepare the entire floor.


Prime the floor with an epoxy primer. This will make the epoxy adhere more to the floor, and it also ensures durability.


Filling of holes and cracks. Our epoxy flooring specialists will fill up visible holes and cracks with epoxy before the first coating


Application of the first coat of epoxy paint. We apply a thoroughly mixed epoxy solution to the entire floor.


Grinding and relayering of the surface. After the first coating, we lookout for dust, cracks, and other irregularities on the floor. Once found, we grind and layer the surface again to give it a smoother look.


Application of the final coat of epoxy paint. Once we are satisfied with the results of step 5, we go on to apply the final coat of epoxy. Once the floor is dry, the result is your shiny and durable epoxy floor.


For Epoxy Flooring in Houston?

Epoxy floors are strong and made to last only if they are installed properly from the beginning. This is where we come in. Katy Epoxy Flooring has been serving the needs of small and big business owners for over a decade, who want to transform their spaces without having to break the bank. Our products are of high quality and sourced from the best and reputable vendors. The combined years of experience we have as a team have given us the advantage to give our clients just what they need – properly installed epoxy floors that are guaranteed to be strong, durable, and beautiful. We closely walk with you right from the design process to installation. We also provide after-service maintenance for your commercial epoxy floors.

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